El Paso Mexican Grill


Tex-Mex, Mexican

Price Range : Under $10 ($)

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Adress: 1610 Newkirk Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226

Phone: (917) 966-1555

Work Hours

Mon8:00 am-10:45 pm
Tue8:00 am-10:45 pm
Wed8:00 am-10:45 pm
Thu8:00 am-10:45 pm
Fri8:00 am-10:45 pm
Sat8:00 am-10:45 pm
Sun8:00 am-9:45 pm

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  • Elad Mor

    star star_border star_border star_border star_border 3 May 2021

    Ordered from them a lot of times, food is usually very good. Always order from seamless, never work with the restaurant. Rude girls pick up the phone, giving you the wrong information and doesn’t have patience to do their job. To the business owner: you have good food, hire decent people or your regulars will leave you. Can’t treat paying regular customers like that, I’m sorry.

  • Na Liu

    star star star star_border star_border 27 April 2021

    Food was only okay, but a bit pricey

  • Romie Rome

    star star_border star_border star_border star_border 23 April 2021

    Really not the type to complain... BUT -* I’ve had enough I will no longer support this restaurant for the simple fact that customer service is really poor, the prices are sky rocket for very small portions of food... Allow me to explain my frustrations. 1. I’ve been going to this location for numerous occasions sometimes mornings/afternoon and it’s the same exact experience. I’ve mainly order the same meals and every other week the prices go up by about 60-80€, I usually ask for both beans black & pinto because if you ask for one type they literally give you about 10 beans in 1 scoop and if I ask for extra it’s 75 € for 5 more beans (yes I counted it) they ask what type of cheese then microwave it on dry nachos so when it comes out the microwave the cheese is melted away so I’ll usually ask for “a lil bit more cheese please” that will also be 75€... $1.50 for a side scoop of guacamole and by me asking for my meal to be prepared a certain way they will get an aggressive attitude, stop making the order to go in the back an ask for permission or stop making my order to check on Uber eats orders... 2. My other experience was At lunch time hours when the (Mexican/Hispanic) construction workers come in I visually watch them give the correct portion on their meals no extra charge nothing and maybe that’s a perk for being a construction worker but that makes no sense if we ordering the same meal 1 behind the other why charge me extra ? And skimp out my meal ?? Oh btw $15 for 4 mini burritos (no meat) smh!!! 3. I usually go by myself or with my wife and spend from $42-$55 on two meals you might wonder why it’s so much that’s because of the small portions they give, the food will be dry if you don’t ask for extra. 4. The last time I was there my wife was choking a little bit so I rushed to get a bottle of water I tried to use my debit card and the lady told me that it was a $8 minimum I only had $1 in my pocket, you would of thought that a bottle of Poland spring water is $1 since it’s $1 everywhere else in BROOKLYN... No Way Jose I had to run to my car luckily parked in front take 4 quarters out my car to give this lady for a bottle of water... your telling me a customer is choking and your asking for $2 for a bottle of water ?? Nah that was it for me it’s no way I’m going out to eat and a local restaurant spending $40+ on two meals an you can’t let my wife drink a bottle of water while she was chocking. P.S Also the main reason I started going to the restaurant is because when we order online/Uber eats/seamless etc the meals ALWAYS comes cold or messed up, missing ingredients that was paid for etc. I vow to never ever in my life go back to this location I can YouTube it, it’s not rocket science I’ll stick to taco Tuesdays at my house. ✌🏾

  • Heather J. Chin

    star star star star star 22 April 2021

    Reliable, flavorful, affordable, friendly, my favorite chicken tortilla soup spot.

  • Jas Williams

    star star star star star 20 April 2021

    I love this place. It's one of the few places near my job that offers a variety of vegetarian options. The food is always good. It's the to-go place for lunch at my job. The actual restuarant is on the smaller side and can get cramped easily, but the food is amazing. They always get my order correct and I don't have any issues with delivery being late.

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